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World of Warcraft > 10man Normal content cleared!

Posted 16 July 2013

Last week, the 10man progression team got Lei Shen down in one night after about 15 tries. This means that for the first time (we think) Pak has successfully cleared a major 10man instance before the next tier came out within the same expansion.

My apologies to everyone for the late posting and the fact that I'm not going to post pictures. The blog syste...

World of Warcraft > One more to go!

Posted 27 June 2013

The 10man Progression group is back in ToT this week to give Lei Shen a pounding. Last week we were able to get down both Iron Qon and the Twins as new bosses but ran out of time for anything else. The Twins fight was the second one-shot we've had in the zone.

We've been doing an outstanding job getting through the zone and we're currently ranked 16 on...

World of Warcraft > Next!

Posted 17 June 2013

Yep, one more down. Dark Animus finally dies last week as we almost didn't make it. Many were dead at the end, but we have a solid strategy now that just needs tweaking.

We took a couple of shots at Iron Qon, but we're no where close to having him down yet. We'll keep plugging away at it!

Pics will be added as soon as I get them, and the progression...

World of Warcraft > Primordius One Shot!

Posted 13 June 2013

Last week, the 10man progression team saw three bosses fall; Ji-Kun, Durumu and Primordius were victims to the Pak. Primordius was a surprising one shot!

We'll perfect the three fights and work on Dark Animus to get the kinks out, and hopefully see him die soon too. I have screenshots, and will get them up ASAP. Grats to all those that won loot, and my c...

World of Warcraft > Whoops

Posted 30 May 2013

Not sure what I did, but somehow the progress block is gone along with everything else on the right side of the page.  Trying to get it corrected now....

Here's an update on the 10man progression:

We have downed Tortos and Megaera now and will be looking at Ji-Kun tonight.  I'm not sure what that puts our realm rank at, but I know it's close...