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Guild Wars 2 > We are recruiting! Looking for WvW and PvE players.

Posted 26 March 2013

We WvW nightly and have regular scheduled runs for Dungeons, Fractals and Gold Missions.  Come be apart of the Pak!

Guild Wars 2 > Hello Mr. Dragon!

Posted 09 March 2013

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Guild Wars 2 > Eternal Battlegrounds is Darkhavens!

Posted 27 February 2013

Long night of fighting and a hard push at the end and we conquered the map!  Was fun for the WvW Crew!

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Guild Wars 2 > Busting down gates and taking keeps. It's the Pak way!

Posted 25 October 2012

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GW2 Test > Making a entry. RAWR!

Posted 18 October 2012

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