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Sadenie - you still kickin'?

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Posted 03 May 2017 - 11:31 AM

So several months after launch I was a Half Elf bard named Kavren for a few weeks, an' I ran across this awesome ..Wood Elf?.. bard named ..Rounixili?.. my memory is trash. But I *DO* remember when Rou was suddenly Sadenie, my favorite cleric of all time.


I didn't really ever play Kavren after those couple weeks, I went back to my original character from launch - Kathud McAevic. I think I was already in Clan of Shadows at the time, following Mackaveli around and racing Ixit's <Black Company> to Innorruuk and Cazic Thule, or playing tug-o-war with mobs between my camp and an Enlightened Dark camp somewhere. I have many fond memories from 1999-2001, but the best are BY FAR training Edwin and killing him as much as possible, and running around with Sadenie.


Sadenie are you ooouuut theeerrreee!? You drug me from all my pledges to join Pak Cafan, but made it worth it heh


- original Kathud / Bahlrog / Kavren / Bryten / Tiernijaethalas / Aevic / Nij / Kinjo, whatever else my original account's character names were. I was gonna have SOE recover my old lost account for me but all the characters were max level and the account had been paid for, for the last like 10+ years, so I stopped and just made new accounts. I hope that was you Sadenie, or someone else awesome at least! ;p I might have given the account to someone in Clan of Shadows when Alec died, I can't remember for sure. He played half the characters half the time, but unlike me he couldn't pull himself to leave Clan of Shadows. I love CoS, but they didn't have no Sadenie. ;p



ps. A lot of friends are gonna be goin' back to EQ one last time for the Agnarr TLE server that launches on May 24th, and live up the nostalgia 'ntil Pantheon launches. If any of you are gonna play there also lemme know! Our Discord is https://discord.gg/5urMjU2


pss. And if anyone knows if there's a Sadenie out there, track that crackhead down an' say hi for me.


psss. Cougar still runnin' the show? If so, pssssst remember when someone feared Derakor the Vindicator at 2% and we all wiped? Yea, I never fessed up 'cause that was my first raid as a rogue and my first raid with the Pak, but that was totally my bad haha. I /mourned your corpse Coug if you're out there, accidents happen my friend! :-D