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Listened to this on the way home.

Howling at the Moon 09 Jun 2015
Here is a recap. Professor Daniel Robinson, Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford.  
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Misc PC Games 03 Jun 2015
Hey I am seeking to find pak members who are interested in ARK.. a new steam survival game.  I am also wanting permission to make a Pak Cafan Tribe for this game. Please message/thread for server info.
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Project Cars

Misc PC Games 02 Jun 2015
GTA V didn't hold my attention long enough.   Any racing fans out there?
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Run Jump Stomp

Tales of Heroes 06 May 2015
Been wanting to do this for a while, I kept saying I didn't have time for it, or making up some excuse that it would be too hard, or I didn't know how.  I decided to stop being a pansy and just do it.   So I have a podcast that I've been doing for a couple months now, there is also a we...
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A new topic

Howling at the Moon 04 May 2015
Social Justice Nuts Send In A Bomb Threat - But It's The Right-Wing Gamers Who Are The Scary Ones. Okie-Dokie.   I've been humming the theme tune from "Pinky and the Brain" since I found out about this. I mean, don't these Social Justice nuts kind of remind you of a narcissistic lab mou...
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