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Hey old farts

Wandering Around Norrath 12 Aug 2016
LONG time no see. This is Maltrin Purrfection, the Uber bard. Well use to be. =P Been playing EQ on Ax Classic and thought I would pop over here and say hi. I still brag on the emu server about the fun times I had in Pak. Anyways, hope all is going well. 
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Hey Pak...

Wandering Around Norrath 29 Jul 2016
Greetings, Pak'Cafan   Are there any active players in the guild now a days? Droth, Kshipper, Keshua and Spiffy are just some of the names that come to mind.. (Sorry if I am leaving out people, my memory is bad)   I am getting that EQ itch again and I need to scratch...   -Zak
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A bittersweet farewell to Pak'Cafan

Project Cars 19 Jul 2016
After two great seasons, one long but great season, two micro seasons and two multiclass crossover endurance event, we, as a community, have out grown our first home.   The Pak'Cafan community welcomed us with open arms, and allowed us to use their site. With Stocky as our ambassador, we qui...
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PRD is in the process of migrating!

Project Cars 16 Jul 2016
All active members still using this forum, please migrate over to http://pantheracingdivision.com/ and make an account on the forums!   A formal farewell to our first real home will soon follow.
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guild tag

Azeroth's Stalkers 03 Jul 2016
Hey! put my guild tag back on!!   mostly just to chat in game on WoW.  most gear is gone, but blah, i can get more stuff.
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