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Wednesday May 4th FA mini race!!!!!...

Project Cars Yesterday, 09:12 AM
Ok guys, I am just putting this out there.  Please show up if you would like   We (I AM) are going to be at Silverstone GP tomorrow night starting at 830.  We will have a 45 minute practice for people to show up and get a few laps in.     If we have a good number of peop...
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Season 3 Track voting tie breaker.

Project Cars 01 May 2016
Since I broke the first poll, I made a new one.   Vote for two tracks of your choice. AND ONLY TWO. Thank you for your cooperation.
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Oculus Rift

Project Cars 01 May 2016
Anyone thinking of getting one? After reading Mo's post about his experience in the endurance race I really want one now! For those who didn't see it here it is...   Ok all,I've been in bed with the worst flu in years from Monday till Friday before the race..........and then the Oculus arriv...
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Season 3 Track voting

Project Cars 29 Apr 2016
Top 4.    Road America Imola Monaco Hockenheim
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