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Sound off

Howling at the Moon 07 Jul 2017
Anyone alive here anymore? What's everyone playing nowadays? I'm on Project 1999 (Sorry, yeahlight =/) playing some old school EQ if anyone wants to join me.
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Sadenie - you still kickin'?

Wandering Around Norrath 03 May 2017
So several months after launch I was a Half Elf bard named Kavren for a few weeks, an' I ran across this awesome ..Wood Elf?.. bard named ..Rounixili?.. my memory is trash. But I *DO* remember when Rou was suddenly Sadenie, my favorite cleric of all time.   I didn't really ever play Kavren a...
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Foltano, Would like to join Guild Wars 2

[GW2] Join the Pak 26 Jan 2017
Read our Charter?: Yes Read our Code of Conduct?: Yes Are you a current Pak Member?: Yes, World of warcraft Guild Wars 2 ID: Foltano.3041 Main Character Name: Foltina Level: 1 Class: Necromancer PVP Experience: * Yes, I have PVP'd in a different game. What type of PVP do you prefer:: * WvW Availa...
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New member raiders / forum access

Azeroth's Stalkers 24 Jan 2017
There is an update to the guild's raid and loot policies that requires a signoff to be able to raid with us.  The deadline is in one week.   I know that you guys can't see it if you haven't been promoted to full member, so there will be some exceptions made on a case by case basis becau...
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Diablo Video Series

Diablo 3 20 Jan 2017
I don't know if people still look at this forum... There don't appear to be any posts since last year in March.   Either way, I recently did a couple of Diablo 3 video series for YouTube. If anyone is interested, here is the link to the playlist:    The first series is a five episo...
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