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Weekly Time Trial Competition

Project Cars 07 Feb 2016
Just a thought...   Weekly winner picks next car/track combo - (can't be previous weeks car or track).   Anyone interested? 
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Real Racing. Chat / video's / streams / links

Project Cars 06 Feb 2016
Share anything from the world of real racing here.  
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Season 5

Diablo 3 02 Feb 2016
For those who may be interested, I found a very nice cheat sheet for Season 5 when it comes to gear:   https://onedrive.liv...AIND1GS7C-D457k
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The Division

Misc PC Games 01 Feb 2016
Anyone going to be playing this when it comes out in March? I would love to find a group to play with before it starts up. I got this on Steam already and it allows playing the Beta (VERY limited gameplay). I am HIGHLY impressed.  
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