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Waves Hello!

Howling at the Moon 23 Jun 2016
Hi.  It's been a while!  I mainly play ipad games now, but miss everyone.  I just popped in to say hello!
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Season 4 Track tie breaker

Project Cars 22 Jun 2016
In order to break the ties for the 4 final track slots, voters will choose TWO tracks out of the seven tied.      Voting Closes: June 29th 11:59pm     Results: Locked in Eliminated Tied   Monza 5 Laguna Seca 4 Sonoma National 2 Hockenheim variant (Classic, Short) 2 B...
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Dirty PRD

Project Cars 20 Jun 2016
Hi guys myself and Nono were messing about with Dirt Rally and i'v set up a league called Dirty PRD i'm able to set up any type of events if anyone would like to join il post the links here  www.dirtgame.com/uk/leagues/league/53641/dirty-prd just send request to join     there is...
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Season 4 M1 Procar Full Info and Signups

Project Cars 16 Jun 2016
Welcome to the Pak'Cafan Racing Division!   BMW M1 Procar Championship   Season start: Wednesday July 13th 8:30 EST     [Tracks TBD]     Total practice and race time: approx. 2 hours Practice: Wednesday, Saturday 830 PM EST (45 mins)  Qualifying:  (15 mins)...
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Season 4 Track Voting

Project Cars 28 May 2016
Important!   Same as with the car voting, pick TWO tracks you'd like to race the M1 Procar on. Please keep in mind the car's capabilities and pick tracks that'll suit it well.   Voting closed   How its gonna work:   1. Pick two tracks and write them below. That'...
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