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Season 4 Track Voting

Project Cars 28 May 2016
Important!   Same as with the car voting, pick TWO tracks you'd like to race the M1 Procar on. Please keep in mind the car's capabilities and pick tracks that'll suit it well.   Voting closes: TBD   How its gonna work:   1. Pick two tracks and write them below. ...
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Multiclass Crossover Event - Le Mans - July 3rd

Project Cars 22 May 2016
      After a hugely successful first crossover event at Spa, we are back and this time it's going to be even bigger and better! Two lobbies, 64 drivers, 3 communities, 3 classes and 2.4 hours of Le Mans.    July 3 @ 18:00 - 21:00 UTC+0   Sign-Up:...
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Trying to get some interest going for this.....

Misc PC Games 20 May 2016
Started a thread under a different section for Riders of Icarus. So click here for it. So far I linked their official trailer and video on their mounts.
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Season 4 Discussion Thread

Project Cars 20 May 2016
We have a voting thread already, so it seems appropriate we should have a Season 4 discussion thread as well.     My One suggestion..........   Dusk & night races would look so cool with the lights and flames, and that's something that hasn't been incorporated into a season as...
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the season as a consultant

Wandering Around Norrath 18 May 2016
2004 Super Bowl HOUSTON New England coach Bill Belichick sat patiently on a TV set this week as a make up artist dabbed his face with powder. Carolina coach John Fox, who rarely wears anything but a golf shirt, showed up at his first news conference here dressed splendidly in a dark suit and shim...
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