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I need access

Azeroth's Stalkers 24 Nov 2014
I just realized i don't have full access to the forums.  Can someone help me out with that?  This is Freyea in game BTW.   Thanks!
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Grimrail Depot

Howling at the Moon 20 Nov 2014
Ran Grimrail earlier today, for the first time. It was a bit rough, but we got through it. Yet, the whole time I had this playing before my eyes.  
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Guild Application

Azeroth's Stalkers 07 Nov 2014
Hello,    My name is Danny. I am a co-worker of Jade's and he has told me about this guild. My toon is Chibbzz, a prot/ret paladin, who is interested in playing Holy for pvp. I am an experienced raider with the guild Unquestionable Intent (Cho'gall) and we cleared SoO on Normal (now Her...
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X-Wing, Tie Fighter

Howling at the Moon 27 Oct 2014
X-Wing, Tie Fighter Are FINALLY Getting Digital Re-Releases
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Internet Trolls

Howling at the Moon 20 Oct 2014
Internet trolls face up to two years in jail under new laws     Internet trolls could face up to two years in jail under new laws, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has said. He told the Mail on Sunday quadrupling the current maximum six-month term showed his determination to "take a sta...
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