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Wixen needs your help.

Howling at the Moon 07 Oct 2015
I was torn about doing this but I am desperate. I need help if possible from my Pak family. Some of you may be able to help and some may not but every little bit helps even if it is just a share with some friends. I am in dire straights and no clue what I am going to do. I am hoping for the best...
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Destiny Ps4

Howling at the Moon 04 Oct 2015
Just curious if any Pak peoples are playing around in Destiny.  I am very curious!  I know it's more a group oriented deal, and I have not had a console in ages, being a part of the pc master race and all Just trying to get a feel for the waters before I plop down a few dollars on a ne...
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New Realistic 6 Race Mini-Season !!!

Project Cars 02 Oct 2015
There's talk about what to do next season. Different tracks, different cars, different settings? I'm not sure who will still be playing, and what new games will be out by then.   So, I am only concentrating on this season (FA), which still has a way to go, and is going strong.   "But, w...
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24 Hour Le Mans & Cadwell ???

Project Cars 01 Oct 2015
1) I think we'll keep Caldwell Park in the schedule. Does any one really want it removed?   2) I am going to add in 24 Hour Le Mans, but which scenario do you guys prefer.   a) Add it in the schedule as a regular race alphabetically? What weather? Add it in as a bonus race at the...
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Weather & Seasons

Project Cars 28 Sep 2015
Ok guys, after further testing, I realize they implemented seasons, temperatures, and the suns angle into this game, depending on the date set in race conditions.   We may all be testing different conditions when practicing, no matter the time, depending on the date set in the set up conditi...
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