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Archaous, would like to join ESO.

ESO Applications 25 Aug 2014
Read our Charter?: Yes Read our Code of Conduct?: Yes Main Character Name: Archaous List your alts: Archaous Rethan ESO: Preferred Play Style: PVE, PVP ESO: Guild History: I really only belong to some other trading guilds for the store really, I haven't had the chance to do anything with the guil...
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Wanting to come back.

Azeroth's Stalkers 17 Aug 2014
Hey peeps looking to come back to Pak .. took and long break and Warlords looks awesome. Currently lvling my Horde Shaman to 90 but would like to get Rhiva and Para back into pak work on a few things for them. Thanks !
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Skeena Update

Lion's Arch 17 Aug 2014
Hi all,   Just a quick post to let you know that I am still alive. I was supposed to be back in early summer after completion of my accounting designation. Well, I got that under my belt (and a promotion to boot) but then more IRL troubles. In mid-June, my wife was diagnosed with inflammator...
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WTF BONANZA!?@!$@%$^! 428 - 435...

Howling at the Moon 12 Aug 2014
From the depths of my heart, I must apologize. I have been lax in posting updates.   I accept any chastisement you wish to throw in my direction.   On to the other important topic, I always knew that wizards were entranced by flames, but it looks like Maguna as a mage suffers the same f...
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Wartune for iOS and And

Mobile & Tablet Games 12 Aug 2014
Pak'Cafan has has a Guild in Wartune on pc (Kabam Server 6) for about 2 years and it's going strong, the iOS version cam out in January and I just got around to trying it a month ago and it's a blast. If anyone would like to join us the app is called Wartune Hall of Heroes and PakCafan is on Serv...
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