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The Winking Skeever 17 Sep 2014
Been over a month since we have seen anything from Mix, I know Wootuz has been promising a return in the next few weeks but just wondering about our fearless leader and his plans.
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MIA for a bit.

The Shade War 10 Sep 2014
As much as I wanted this to work I sadly must go MIA for a bit and get some things in order. One of my goals it to find a better internet service so that I can even log in. If I am able to in the near future I am going to bump Kymmarah (sp?) up to a leadership role to run things while my wife and...
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DAoC Genesis

Misc PC Games 10 Sep 2014
I am playing this game, it is Free to Play and it is DAoC Classic with Shrouded Isles.  I am Midgard.  Hope everyone is doing well.     Feraldenar/Kevin
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WTF 436 - 439 Lodi Shield Anyone!?!?

Howling at the Moon 10 Sep 2014
I logged in the other day, and I still have a lodi shield in one of my backpacks!!   436 437 438 439   Love,               sora    
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Albion Online - Sandbox MMO playable from a client, brows...

Misc PC Games 02 Sep 2014
Kind of a neat game I stumbled across as an advertisement while watching some youtube videos. Albion Online - What appeals to me the most is that its a typical sandbox MMO that not only can you play as a client, but through a browser, your phone, and your tablet. It has player housing, crafting,...
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