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A quick note on Etiquette

Project Cars 21 Aug 2015
Accidents are unavoidable and are going to happen. It's part of racing.   There's going to be arguments, fights, rage, and tempers will fly.   This is expected, and I also expect all of us to rise above it, like Rip and I did the other night.   Let's not quit and jeopardize your se...
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TeamSpeak 3

Project Cars 21 Aug 2015
We are temporarily using Static's Team Speak, until Pakcafan gets their permanent TS3 channel back.    -For TeamSpeak 3 Login Info, message me through Steam.-Please do not pass out the TeamSpeak info. This is invite only.-Please use the same name in TS3, that you race with.-Overwolf als...
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Tire Wear Testing Results

Project Cars 19 Aug 2015
To be fair to everyone, I want to pass on the results of our tire wear testing.   There's more information in another thread, and some pCars Profiler results posted by Big.   But here's the quick summery..........   The images of the tires that you see (green & blue)...
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Howling at the Moon 15 Aug 2015
Any word on TeamSpeak?   I am using another temporarily address for now, but would like to be back under the Pak banner again, eventually.
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Project Cars 14 Aug 2015
Temporary Rankings Rip Big   Nooonot Blind Travok   Scott Stocky Credence Syn (Sat Only) Static   Ghost Aeon (Sat Only) Ozpata Spark   Not Ranked Yet Ev1L (Wed Only) Nearfear (Sat Only) <---after Spa leaning towards top 10 Falcon Bullett <-----after Spa leaning towards...
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