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April Feature Pack. Lots of good stuff

Lion's Arch 15 Apr 2014
https://www.guildwar.../feature-packs/   New traits and free respecs.  Mega Server and more.
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Crusader Builds

Diablo 3 14 Apr 2014
Ive been going through the game on Expert difficulty from the start. My crusader is currently level 50, but here is the build Ive been running (with all the 70 runes I want)... So far, I only have difficulty when I get a boss thats has some form of CC (like the freezing ice balls) or I get a LOT...
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Lower level people there is no need to respec

The Winking Skeever 12 Apr 2014
Respec can be expensive.  Don't have skill point use remorse.  They are easy to come by.  The only big reason I can see to respec at low level is if you morphed a couple skills and actually want the other effect.  like 3+ bad morphs!   Play our your character.  Thing...
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OpenSSL bug

Barkings of the Pak 09 Apr 2014
This is a 'for your information post', not a bug w/ the forums per-se (though if they use OpenSSL they need to be checked). This is about the "Heartbleed" bug.   Recently a major security flaw was found with certain versions of OpenSSL (1.0.1-1.01f per wikipedia). An attacker can gain 64k of...
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Have Screenshots?

The Winking Skeever 09 Apr 2014
Hey everyone. Do you have a cool screen shot you want to share? Awesome landscape pic? A selfie of your epic toon? Post them here and I'll make sure they end up in the Gallery.
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