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Neat Kickstarter project

Howling at the Moon 23 Nov 2015
Saw this on Kickstarter and thought of many of you that play table-top games.  It looks like this is their first attempt at something like this, but they did say they'd consider RPG dice once they see how this project goes.  They also have a d20 in the works for a stretch goal.   h...
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how to save setups in pcars

Project Cars 21 Nov 2015
go to Steam / userdata / 74730820 / 234630 / local / project cars / profiles   Create a shortcut of the folder profiles and put it on your desktop   inside that folder is a file named default.sav This file contains all your profile info including all your setups   next to that crea...
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Azeroth's Stalkers 20 Nov 2015
Would like to know who was logging the raid last night and or who is going to log our raids want to keep up with my dps, or i might just start logging and then post them for each raid day
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Assetto Corsa

Project Cars 17 Nov 2015
omg - I just had a very quick go with this car - the F1 Concept car mod for AC.   What a blast. wouldnt mind having a race with a few of the regulars in here over there...   http://www.racedepar...1-concept.7971/
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Clag Update

Project Cars 14 Nov 2015
Hi Guys,   I'm really sorry to be AWOL these last few. It's just RL all the time with me- overworked, deadlines and shit.   It's not fair for me to be in the league, but not make and the races. While I'm not that critical to my team, I especially apologize to Static and Travok   I'...
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