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Posted by Napenthe, 30 May 2013 · 1,183 views

Not sure what I did, but somehow the progress block is gone along with everything else on the right side of the page. Trying to get it corrected now....

Here's an update on the 10man progression:

We have downed Tortos and Megaera now and will be looking at Ji-Kun tonight. I'm not sure what that puts our realm rank at, but I know it's close to the top 20. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and grats on all the loot.

Pak Council Of Elders 10 KS

Pak Tortos 10 KS

Pak Megaera 10 KS

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WoW Progression

Raid Content Difficulty
Mogu'shan Vaults Normal
Heart of Fear Normal
Terrace of Endless Spring Normal
Throne of Thunder Normal
Mogu'shan Vaults Status
The Stone Guard Normal
Feng the Accursed Normal
Gara'lai the Spiritbinder Normal
The Spirit Kings Normal
Elegon Normal
Will of the Emperor Normal
Heart of Fear Status
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok Normal
Blade Lord Ta'vak Normal
Garalon Normal
Wind Lord Mel'jarak Normal
Amber-Shaper Un'sok Normal
Grand Emperess Shek'zeer Normal
ToES Status
Protectors / Endless Normal
Tsulong Normal
Lei Shi Normal
Sha of Fear Normal
Throne of Thunder Status
Jin'rokh the Breaker Normal
Horridon Normal
Council of Elders Normal
Tortos Normal
Megaera Normal
Ji-Kun Normal
Durumu the Forgotten Normal
Primordius Normal
Dark Animus Normal
Iron Qon LFR
Twin Consorts LFR
Lei Shen LFR
Ra-den LFR
Cataclysm Difficulty
Dragon Soul Heroic
Firelands Heroic
Blackwing Descent Heroic
Bastion of Twilight Heroic
Throne of Four Winds Heroic

Normal Normal Mode in Progress
Normal Normal Mode Complete
Heroic Heroic Mode in Progress
Heroic Heroic Mode Complete

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